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Chapter 103 Truth Or Dare

  • Judging by the lavish exterior and interior of the bar, I was pretty sure it was another premium bar for the guests from the upper echelon. As always, it was a bar with a unique theme as compared to the bustling bars out there. The moment the customers stepped into the bar, they would feel a sense of serenity associated with the place.
  • I surveyed the surroundings, but there were only a few groups of customers there. “Mr. Adler, isn't today the grand opening of the bar? Why are there relatively few customers around?”
  • Smirking, he announced, “It's not time yet.” He was right because the customer would only gather around in the late evening.
  • Since he had always said he would never get himself involved in a losing trade, he must have something hidden up his sleeves.
  • I followed him to a designated seat next to the window and took a seat next to him. All this while, I thought he had relatively few friends since he was such an indifferent man, but it turned out I was wrong. When I took a seat, I noticed his peers had long gathered around, anticipating his arrival.
  • One of them pointed at the emptied glasses on the table and said, “Augustus, you have no idea how thrilled we are when you're the rightful owner of the bar! The night is still young, but we're almost drunk!”
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