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Chapter 102 Can You Forgive Me

  • I dolled myself up and got myself ready for the upcoming trip I would be making with Augustus. Once I was ready, I waited for him at MIX.
  • In the evening, things started getting lively in MIX. Men from all walks of life would show up with women next to them. Those unaware of the truth might think it was just another place for them to hang out.
  • Josephine dropped me a message and instructed me to bring her some liquor. Those who had assisted in serving the client would be getting a share of the other party's commission at the end of the month. Whenever Josephine was on duty, she would acquire my aid if she was occupied because she was reluctant to share her success with others.
  • I headed over to the bar and retrieved a few premium liquors, sending them to the private room Josephine was in. The moment I stepped into the private room with an insanely high premium associated, I gaped at the presence of the only guest in there.
  • Josephine took a seat next to the customer and served him glasses of drinks with a bright grin.
  • “Hello, Sir. I have brought you another few drinks.” When I started placing the tray of liquors on the coffee table, I caught a glimpse of him and noticed he was a relatively young man.
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