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Chapter 64 For You: Cyrus Pov

  • Damn it! I'd used my body as a shield, but the best I'd done was redirect the bullet. I stood on shaky legs in front of Leo. I couldn't figure out where the bullet had come from. My body was burning under the skin. Silver. The bullet was silver and fuck! The pain was fucking with my concentration. I tried to turn to Leo and my legs gave out. As I fell, the sick sweetness of wolf's bane reached me amidst the metallic -scented blood. My eyes stung as I tried to focus on Leo's unmoving body. The blood was pouring from the wound, black streaks of the poison tainted within. No, no, no! I screamed as I forced myself to shift back to my human form. I need to remove the bullet.
  • Every movement felt like I was ripping my body apart and my right arm was completely useless. Leo's heart was pounding as his body tried to fight the poison and silver. I was clumsy and my heart ached as Leo's wolf whined while I dug through his wound . The sooner the bullet was out, the better off he'd be. The scent of his blood added to my fear, almost to the point of me losing focus, but I couldn't. He'd die if I did. He can't die. I can't live without him. I repeated those words until I found the slippery, deformed metal. It burned my fingers, but I didn't care. I pulled it out and Leo's wolf sighed. His breaths were still fast but he didn't convulse in pain anymore. My body fell to the wood beside him as my body continued to burn with the effects of the silver amidst my other injuries.I could still hear the dying fights, but something came over it.
  • The slight steady vibrations of quick heavy footsteps on the ground. A figure stood over me. They were blurry. I couldn't focus, but the scent was familiar. I attempted to sneer with my destroyed jaw as familiar green eyes flashed before another gunshot rang out. I gasped from the pain as the silver and wolf's bane burrowed into my body. The poison took my consciousness as a male that smelled similar to Tyler spoke in a dismissive tone,
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