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Chapter 48 Short and Thirsty: Leo POV

  • I groomed my baby as we waited for our turn. He’d fallen asleep as the announcer had explained the rules and pairings, which I’d found very cute. I wouldn’t wake him until it was close to our turn, and we had about five pairings until that happened. As I reached the top of his head, he let out a wolfish sigh, and I had to stop myself from huffing in laughter. When he was like this, he was so fucking adorable and I could easily see where little Ciara got it from. I watched the fights happen, accented by the sounds of Cy’s soft snores. He’d gotten up in the middle of the night since Ciara had decided she wanted a bit of attention. Her mama had, of course, spoiled her for an hour before coaxing her back to sleep. That, mixed with the attack this morning, and I couldn’t blame him for taking a nap. Burying my face in his fur, I inhaled his scent, savouring it before checking to see what fight we were on.
  • I sighed when I realized it was the fourth one. I wanted my baby to sleep a bit longer. Huffing quietly, I nudged him awake gently. He whined quietly before his pale blue eyes met mine. I licked his cheek, and he purred before yawning. I stepped away, and he stretched before leaning against me. His face was pressed into my neck; surrounding me in his sweet scent of Jasmine and honey, causing me to purr in contentment. The round ended, and we were called up. We walked into the ring, side by side, and stood across from our opponents. They were a pair of jaguars. Coincidentally, one of them was Tyler’s Gamma. Fun. I licked my muzzle in anticipation. As soon as the bell rang out, Cyrus closed the distance and tackled the gamma to the ground at full force before grabbing him by the scruff and throwing him into the other jaguar. There was a raspy growl/yelp as the jaguar tumbleweed rolled across the ring and right out of the barrier. Cyrus growled in irritation as the end of the round was signaled with the bell and we were named as the winners.
  • Cyrus picked out Tyler from the ring and let out a threatening growl before walking back to our spot with me. Josh’s light brown wolf walked up with Terrence, one of the warriors and a good friend of ours. Josh shook his head as Cy laid down and closed his eyes. I stood over him once more as Terrence spoke through the link,
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