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Chapter 98 Love... Is Pain

  • The reason why Sang Qi could stay level headed throughout his dealings with me, was because he didn’t love me.
  • He felt nothing for me, and that’s why he could be so calm.
  • But when a woman loves someone, she’d lose herself in it completely.
  • I must admit, when I suggested that we go to a hotel together, a small part of me just wanted to deceive Huo Jia and get back a little at Sang Shixi. But more than anything else, I wanted to be alone with Sang Qi.
  • I knew it was unreasonable of me. I knew it was impossible between us. But the notion still haunts me and taunts me all the time. That’s just what love is.
  • I was pregnant. If I hadn’t been, if there wasn’t a child inside me, even I didn’t know where I’d have gone with him tonight.
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