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Chapter 225 Cover Blown

  • After two long years, Gu Yuu was still as easy to talk to as always. In such relaxed and fragrant atmosphere, she quickly got familiar with me and began telling me the life that she lived for the past two years.
  • As it turned out, before two months ago, they really had been overseas for all this time.
  • When the topic inadvertently shifted to Sheng Yanyan, and me, her face fell, “My friend, she... I didn’t know just who or what got that idea into her head. She was the kindest person in the world, and yet... alright perhaps not exactly the kindest person in the world, but in the end, that horrible and fake persona that she put on and rejected our hands despite how obviou that she was really bleeding inside, let that woman got to the place she now stands at Sang Qi’s side. All these years, what has she done for Sang Qi and Mrs. Sang at all, except for a broken leg? Sang Qi worshipped her like a buddha on a display stand. This time coming back, he was even planning to get married to that woman.”
  • From what I could tell, it seemed that Gu Yuu still didn’t like Sheng Yanyan very much. I was also really curious as to why they were living in two separate places, instead of together.
  • However, I knew very well that now was not yet the time. I tuned in and listened on quietly.
  • All this while, Mrs. Sang lied still in perfect tranquility in the warm tub. In the warm water, a faint blush had risen to her face, and she looked as if she had simply fallen asleep.
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