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Chapter 194 Xia Zhi, Photos, Now!

  • One week later, I received a thick stack of photos. With some of the angles, I really couldn’t imagine just how they could possibly took those photos.
  • I took but one look at the photos, and that was already enough to bring a fluster to my face. I hurriedly stuffed that stack of photos into an envelope.
  • I paid that private detective a very sizable sum, and sure enough, he was pleased. But before he left, he said to me nervously, “Ms. Xia, it should go without saying but, please don’t sell me out. If the Sang’s caught wind that I was the one responsible, It’d mean that I’ll never be able to appear in Jincheng again.”
  • “I know, don’t worry about it.”
  • After the private detective had left, I contemplated what I should do next. This must be kept in complete secret before it suddenly hit Wei Lan.
  • Then Sang Qi came. He told me that the lawsuit has progressed to the point where his lawyer group thinks that it would be appropriate to use the paternity test we conducted in private as evidence, and a request will be filed to the court first thing tomorrow morning.
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