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Chapter 79 One Up

  • When I returned to the room, there was no longer any more movements.
  • But despite my curiosity, I couldn’t exactly push their door down to check whether or not they were indeed sleeping on the same bed.
  • Actually, why would whatever they chose to do have anything to do with me at all?
  • I reasoned with myself for the entire night, but in the end, I couldn’t go back to sleep at all.
  • I stuffed my face into the pillow for the entire night. I suppose I should be thankful that my belly wasn’t any bigger than it is now, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to do that either.
  • It was only when the sky had began to lit up, that my consciousness was finally able to fade away into sleep. And when I woke up, my brain felt as if it was still in a groggy haze.
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