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Chapter 97 Look The Part

  • Night fell, and everywhere lights of all colors flickered on as daylight dimmed into dusk. As Sang Qi drove, he took me around seemingly aimlessly circling on the streets, with no intention of getting back to the Sang Family.
  • Sang Shixi had called countless times already, his usual calm and uncaring tone gone from his voice, irritated and annoyed, “So you really have decided that you won’t come back anytime soon?”
  • And I had replied countless times, “Look, I had no say in this at all. Rather, you should ask your dear little brother just where in the world he is taking me.”
  • Not wanting to bother with trying to saying the same thing to him over and over again, I simply put my phone to Sang Qi’s ears and let them talk it out. I didn’t know what Sang Shixi said to Sang Qi over the phone, but Sang Qi’s voice remained calm and collected throughout, “Your ex-wife had her men watching us like vultures for this entire time. I had to give them what she wants to see.”
  • I was curious about what Sang Shixi was saying to Sang Qi, so I put the call through the speaker phone.
  • Sang Shixi’s voice sounded, even colder and more ruthless through the little electronic device, “You will take her back home right this instance!”
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