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Chapter 94 Changed My Mind

  • My face still hurts. And when I saw that half smile of his, it hurts even more.
  • It was as clear as day already, Sang Shixi regretted what he said before.
  • It was all decided last night, but today, he didn’t want to go through with it anymore.
  • And I even had it all planned out with Gu Yuu already. Last night when Sang Shixi and I fought, Gu Yuu happened to to call my phone, and my finger accidentally slipped and put the call through, so she knew about everything already.
  • “You got everything done over there Lil Craz? You want me to wait for you to go to lunch together?”
  • Lunch? I wish. But it would seem that I still have a Sang Shixi to deal with here. I guess it won’t happen today after all.
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