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Chapter 92 Divorce

  • Though I had no idea what that dragonbone is or where it came from, but the soup tasted so good that I had too full bowls of it. After that, I was so full inside my stomach that I literally couldn’t get off my seat. Sang Qi had already finished. I used to joke with him that he seemed to simply inhale his food instead of chewing it like normal people.
  • Mrs. Sang ate little, and I can see that she worked hard for her figure. She simply smiled and looked at Sang Qi and I as the three of us ate together on the dining table.
  • Suddenly, a thought came to me, how good would it be if there was only the three of us in the Sang family.
  • Just the three of us, together, living each day quietly and peacefully as it comes.
  • But, this thought was immediately crushed by Sang Qi’s phone’s ringtone.
  • He picked it up almost immediately, “Ms. Sheng vomited again? Yes... yes, I’ll be right over.”
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