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Chapter 91 Go To Your Room

  • Since both Sang Qi and Mrs. Sang won’t go, everyone looked at Ho Xiengu to see what she would do.
  • Let me see how you’d choose.
  • She looked upstairs, “Maybe Qi was just feeling tired. I’ll go and see if I can persuade him.”
  • “No need, he can stay if he wants.” First Mrs. Sang laughed, obviously didn’t care that Sang Qi wouldn’t go, “Jieyu, are you going to stay with your husband and mother-in-law, or are you going to come with us?”
  • Good question, it was completely up to her which side she would stand on.
  • Ho Jieyu didn’t didn’t even hesitate. She held First Mrs. Sang’s elbow, “Of course I’d go with you, Mother. My mother was also Crystalline Silk’s future chairman, of course I would go to show her my support.”
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