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Chapter 78 Baited

  • It was extremely sunny out there on the sea, so sunny that Ho Xiengu was hiding underneath the safety of the umbrella for the majority of the times.
  • If you’re out here on the sea then don’t be afraid a little sun, and if you’re afraid of the sun then you might as well stay home and watch TV.
  • Sang Qi and Sang Shixi sat together beside the fence at the side of the deck and fished, and I looked at both of them, with great interest.
  • Fishing is a sport that requires patience. And fishing out here in the open sea also requires a certain level of fitness. Everything out here was a few sizes bigger, fish and prawns and all, people without a certain amount of strength won’t even be able to pull up the fish that took bite.
  • I waited and waited and waited, and about half an hour later, Sang Shixi’s rod finally jolted.
  • I was a lot more excited than him, “Fish! Quick, look! You got fish!”
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