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Chapter 73 Honeymoon

  • Unexpectedly, after a while, I was still lying safe and sound on the bed. After reading the label on the bottle, Sang Shixi simply put it back where I left it before and left the room. Before he went out, he said, “I’ll get Jin to bring something up for you to drink.”
  • I’m fine with whatever he gives me, so long as it wasn’t rat poison.
  • Though his calmness surprised me.
  • I’m guessing that he probably knew that I was simply putting on a front.
  • He probably thought that, after coming along so far, I couldn’t possibly do that to my own child just so I could get away from a passing pain sooner.
  • And just like that, I lied on the bed for three days straight, and slowly, the pain finally began subsiding.
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