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Chapter 69 I Thank Him

  • The dining hall at the Sang Family was ridiculously huge. It was a really, really, really long rectangular table, placed so that the long side of the table faced north and south. The old man sat at the master’s seat on the eastern end of the table, while Sang Qi’s father sat on the main seat on the western end. The table was so long that I suspected that the two of them probably can’t see each other’s face clearly.
  • I motioned Gu Yuu to come over and sit at my side. On the table, I saw Mrs. Sang taking the least significant spot, barely a tiny corner on the table.
  • Sitting at my opposite side, was Sang Qi and Ho Xiengu.
  • All this grandeur, and all over breakfast. After everyone was seated, a man stood behind the old man, probably his butler, sang out, “Proceed!”
  • Then out of the kitchen, came a line of maidservants, each carrying a dish. One by one, they brought dishes of all kinds onto the dining table.
  • I’ve never even seen such a display before in my life. I poked at Gu Yuu with my finger, “Quick, quick, photos!”
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