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Chapter 68 Offering Tea

  • Immediately, Sang Shixi let go of me, and I took the opportunity and slumped onto the carpet, and laid down just like that. Really, they had really nice carpet, so warm and soft.
  • If I had to guess, Sang Shixi must more furious and clueless than anything else right now. Those “rich” and “powerful” families probably deals in weak and frail dainty obedient damsels all the time. Those with “proper upbringings” probably got their attitude shaved and ripped from them ever since they were young. Even if there were the occasional few that had somewhat of a flair, they would probably “respect and honor” their families too much to act on them.
  • So right now, I could gather that he must be at a complete loss as to what he should do with someone like me, a wild and undomesticated wife with a spirit not yet broken in by their “rules and traditions”.
  • I turned over on the ground and laid on my back, and looked at him. Really, a good looking man would remain good looking no matter which angle people looked at him from. Even at such a low angle, all the features on his face was still as angular and pronounced as ever.
  • “Xia Zhi.” His voice was super cold, and super irritated, “This is the first day of your wedding, if you ever want to stand your ground in this family in the future to come, I suggest that you respect our rules.”
  • And so what if I don’t respect the rules, what could he possibly do to me?
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