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Chapter 66 One More Enemy

  • The doctors and nurses checked over Gu Yuu and I. It would seem that Sang Qi had protected us well, and none of us were really hurt, though Gu Yuu did have a little scrape wound on her elbow as she fell to the ground.
  • When the nurses was applying the disinfectant on her, her screams of pain could be heard throughout the entire block.
  • I sat beside her, and wondered who might be one that just tried to murder me.
  • Though it really wasn’t too hard at all. I explained to Gu Yuu.
  • “I don’t have many enemies here. The only one that I already knew would be Ho Xiengu, but she was also married to Sang Qi today, so she should be as happy as a bird. Beside, she didn’t know that I would be here today anyway, so she couldn’t have done it.”
  • Gu Yuu stopped howling immediately and looked at me, “Then who else could it be?”
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