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Chapter 63 His Wedding, And Mine

  • As requested by me, my wedding and Sang Qi’s wedding were held at the same venue.
  • The wedding was held inside a luxury golf course. It was all the rage these days, grassland weddings, I saw it before in magazines. Back then, I used to say to Ho Cong that we could save up a bit of money and hold a wedding like that.
  • But as it turned out, marrying someone richer was a much better choice. After all, I don’t even need to waste time saving up the money. I could hold the wedding anytime I want, anywhere I want, and in any way I want.
  • Sang Shixi drove me, it was a two-seat, so Gu Yuu had to sit in another car behind us.
  • I propped my hand against my face and looked at the scenery outside, humming as I did.
  • I didn’t look at Sang Shixi much, because when the wind blew against his hair and it fell and covered part of his eyes, the side of his face almost looked exactly the same as Sang Qi.
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