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Chapter 61 Bridesmaid

  • I never thought of myself as the bad woman that ripped apart Sang Shixi’s previous marriage. These few days, out of better things to do, I looked up his then current wife on the internet.
  • She had quite a background, as would be expected of her for being able to become Sang Shixi’s wife in the first place. Possibly due to the fact that she was never able to receive any love and care from him, so this Mrs. Sang had quite a reputation going, among the hotels and pubs with particular services catering for female audiences provided by men.
  • But since her background was solid enough, and that Sang Shixi never cared about her enough to bother in the first place, their marriage sustained.  
  • So really, Sang Shixi had been wanting to divorce her for a long time coming, but he just didn’t have a good enough excuse for him to bother about it. 
  • And now, because of me, he does.
  • They were married for three years and she couldn’t get pregnant, so it had been a pretty good excuse to divorce her. Coupled with the fact that I was already five months pregnant, that good excuse became the best excuse. 
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