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Chapter 60 Divorce Her, Marry Me

  • “If that’s how you really feel, then you’re just too much of a fool.” He said, then swallowed the rest of the wine in one gulp. Looking at the bloody red liquid disappear into mouth made my stomach twist in disgust.
  • In all fairness, he was good looking, and the way he drank can only be described as bold and manly.
  • But he and Sang Qi simply looked too much alike, so every time I looked at him made me feel as if I was looking at a delusion.
  • I turned my face outside the window, and as we got near the city, I found that the driver was taking me to the mansion that he put me in at the beginning.
  • I could guess how my fate would play out for the next few months already. Sang Shixi would keep me confined in this pen of his, until I give birth to his child.
  • These two brothers really took “never let anything go to waste” to the extreme. One used me as a front, and the other used me to be his child bearing machine.
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