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Chapter 56 You Have No Say In This

  • It was Mrs. Sang. She wore a pale purple one piece, and wore a thick poncho of the same color over that. 
  • Under the bright lights, Mrs. Sang seemed majestic, or even regal. She almost looked like a completely different person from the Mrs. Sang that had lunch with me from a while back. 
  • But her gentle eyes remained the same. First she cast her eyes on Sang Qi, then over to me.
  • She quickly looked back inside, then turned her head back to us and whispered, “Quickly, leave while you still can!”
  • “Mother, I want to see grandfather and father.” Raising his hand that held onto mine, Sang Qi drew me closer and stood his ground as unmoving and upright as a stone statue.
  • “You know it could only end in one way, what are you doing coming back and openly defying them for?” Mrs. Sang frowned deeply, and the urgency in her voice raise, “Leave now, quick, think of her and the child in her! You want them to lose their lives over this?”
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