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Chapter 55 Do As You Please

  • “I told you already, many times over, but you never believed me.” His hand caressed over my forehead. It felt unusually rough, so I pulled his hand down to look at it, and found callouses all over his palm, old and new, and blisters too.
  • “What happened?” I asked him.
  • “It took me days, but I pulled apart the window frame of my tool shed.” 
  • I looked at him, unable to imagine that the great man known as Sang Qi, this invincible man that hearing his name alone would struck both fear and awe into the hearts of his adversaries, would be as weak and helpless as to become locked up in the tool shed in his own house.
  • Seeing my doubts, he laughed, though his voice was thin, “In the Sang Family, we may seem like we enjoyed unimaginable privileges, to the outsiders anyway. Fame, wealth, and power, and whatever that comes with them. But most didn’t know what we had to sacrifice for them, willingly or unwillingly. They felt that, since the Family bestows these privileges upon you, in turn, you must sacrifice whatever the Family demands of you when necessities arise. To them, this marriage was seen simply as having me marrying a woman that I don’t love. Nothing out of the ordinary. In the Sang Family, everyone else lived the same way. My grandparents, my parents, my uncles, and my siblings too. Everything for the better of the Family. But I don’t want that.” 
  • Suddenly, I felt as if I’ve fallen into an old movie, with horse driven carriages and lords and emperors. I never thought that with the rise of modern day society, things like arranged marriages still existed. 
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