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Chapter 54 Where the Hell Have You Been?

  • The steak I ordered gradually cooled down, and its grease solidified. The lobster’s tight succulent flesh loosened and dried. I had lost my appetite completely.
  • I stepped out onto the balcony, and let my mind wind down over the nice night view. Then, my phone rang.
  • Probably from some real estate agent. I had seen a great many houses these days. Most of the places currently available were located in bad neighborhoods, expensive, and even more expensive to refurbish into a somewhat livable condition. I really didn’t know what must be going through their heads when it seemed that they just assumed that every potential client was a blind idiot with spare cash to burn.
  • I knew I was being picky, but there was one real estate agent that just won’t give up. For these few days he has been calling my phone day and night trying to get me to go to house openings.
  • I already made it clear to him that I could only afford to rent, not buy. That couple hundred thousand in my bank account couldn’t even afford to pay for the deposit for a house in this busy and bustling city.
  • Sometimes, I do get mad at myself for being so stubborn.
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