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Chapter 51 I Am My Own Person

  • The lady sitting at the counter looked at our identification documents, then looked at our divorce application, then raised her head to look at us, puzzled, “The two of your were married only four months ago?”
  • To be precise, we only signed the marriage agreement, but we never went anywhere further than that as far as marriage goes, not even the marriage ceremony.
  • I smiled at the lady behind the counter, “Sometimes, the death of a relationship had nothing to do with time.”
  • “But only four months?” The lady looked intently at me.
  • “Because a certain scumbag got me drunk and put me into another man’s bed.” I smiled and explained my tragic past to her.
  • Ho Cong’s face immediately burned with embarrassment. He pulled my arm and growled softly into my ear, “Are you crazy? What are you doing telling her that!?”
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