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Chapter 50 In Glorious Goriness

  • I didn’t sleep too well that night. He woke me up twice, each time he had a bowl of dumplings with chicken soup in his hands. The second time, he forced me to eat it before he let me go back to sleep.
  • I was feeling hungry, to be sure, since I hadn’t ate a lot of things that that day, but my head just hurts so much!
  • He simply looked at me intently, “Look, are you going to eat it by yourself or do you want me to chew it for you and regurgitate it down your throat?”
  • That sounds positively disgusting, so I had no choice but to bear with the pain and eat. When I finished about half of the bowl, he was finally satisfied enough to let me go back to sleep.
  • On the second day when I woke up, Sang Qi already went to the company.
  • He had always been a diligent man. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him late for his job, ever.
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