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Chapter 48 Hit

  • I knew she would be angry. Of course she would, anyone would. But then again, I wasn’t simply saying it out of spite either. I really saw them.
  • One night, I suddenly have a strange craving for some rice noodles, so I got Sang Qi to drive me out and eat it with me. When we came back to this neighborhood, we came across this woman’s husband, being driven home and sitting in the passenger’s seat of a young woman’s car.
  • Her car stopped at the front of his house, but before he finally stepped out of the car and back into his home, he lingered for a long time in her car and was being particularly intimate with various parts of her body.
  • As to how I could be so sure that he was this woman’s husband, I guess it could be credited to my profession as a reporter. I saw them together once stroll around in the neighborhood before.
  • I had a way of remembering people. Usually, I could remember them pretty well, even if it was only a brief meeting.
  • When that woman’s mind finally came back around, she pointed at my face and began screaming and insulting me. It was long, and boring, and for most parts of it she was simply repeating herself and saying things that she had already said before. Summarizing into a few key points. One, I was a marriage destroyer. Two, I already have a husband and yet I’m going to give birth to another man’s child. And three, I was just jealous of other people’s successful and wholesome marriages, so much that I’d even tell lies just to cause grief in other people’s otherwise happy marriages. And the rest was simply variations of the three points.
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