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Chapter 44 I Liked Her, Quite A Bit

  • Qin Qing, a beautiful name, almost like a name that I would expect to see in the romance novels that I used to read.
  • Before I came, I had been quite nervous about meeting Sang Qi’s mother, but now that I was here standing in front of her, it was as if all of my nervousness was soothed away. Being with her was like being beside a calm flowing stream, just by being there with her makes you remember all the good things in life and forget about your worries.
  • Under her kind eyes, I took the seat that she prepared for me, and she smiled, “Sang Qi told me about your likings, so I took the initiative and ordered something ahead of time. I’ve been to this place a few times before, so I know a few of the dishes that they make better than how other places make them.”
  • “I don’t have any particular preference in food. I eat anything.” I said.
  • Mrs. Sang took the teapot and was going to pour a cup of tea for me. At this, I hurriedly stood up and took the teapot from her hand, “Please, allow me.”
  • I was never one with too much care for formalities, but I still have the most fundamental manners and respect for the elderly.
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