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Chapter 42 Had Enough Fun Yet?

  • His kiss was filled with a lingering sense of passion and longing.
  • I knew that Sang Qi was mad, so I kissed him back in return.
  • At first, I kissed him out of feeling sorry about putting him through this whole ordeal, but by the time I realized and came to, I was already lost in the passion of his kiss.
  • His kiss was so possessive that it was suffocating, breathing in and stealing my breath as if to say that even the air that I breathed out belonged to him. After a while, I had to pat his back to signal him that I was really out of air before he broke away his kiss. With his hands on my shoulder, he pushed and lifted his face away a little. His eyes glittered, and his pupil was as dark as the night.
  • “If not for the driver, I will, have you, here, now.” He said through clenched teeth.
  • He say that at least once every single day.
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