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Chapter 38 We Are Getting Married

  • And so, days passed where I do nothing but eat and drink and sleep, and wasting my life away hugging bags of junk food in front of the TV. I can say, with definitely certainty, that I had never lived as unproductive and slothful in my life as I had now.
  • My child grew within my belly, as it began getting bigger and bigger day after day, ever so slightly. After that day, I no longer had any notions of wanting to abort the child.
  • Though, to me, the future is still as surreal and unrealistic as fictions and fairytales.
  • But by now, I have learned to turn a blind eye to the future. Why bother? Nothing that I do or say can change anything. So why not enjoy the easy life I have now while it still lasted?
  • Almost every single day, Sang Qi would take the lunch break off to come home to have lunch with me, all the way to and from Dayu, and he pushed whatever socials at nights away as much as he could.
  • Instead, he spent his time with me, watching those brainless and mindless TV shows. His attitude towards me can be summed up in two words. Spoil and adore.
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