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Chapter 37 Everything Else Are Fine, Except For Feelings

  • Ho Xiengu asked him, as naturally as ever. I stole a peek at Sang Qi’s face, and saw that the corner of his mouth began to move to decline her request.
  • Immediately I said to both of them, “Oh, there is my ride over there, excuse me.”
  • I pointed at the other side of the street, and began heading my way there.
  • And it just so happened that the traffic light for the pedestrian crossing was green, so no one complained that I never watch the road when I cross.
  • I always watch the road. The only time that it slipped my mind was just that one time when I crossed it with him.
  • The driver parked the car at the other side of the street. I crossed the road, went over, got in, and looked back in their direction. Ho Xiengu had that huge umbrella of hers opened again, and she handed it over to Sang Qi to let him hold it for her, like it was the most natural thing in the world.
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