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Chapter 35 His Actual Girlfriend Ho Xiengu

  • Backing out of Sang Qi’s office, I stood in place, unsure of what to do.
  • As I continued spacing out in place, a face suddenly popped into my sight.
  • Someone recognized me, “Isn’t this Branch Manager Xia? I haven’t seen you at the company for days! How are you?”
  • It was Secretary Xu. She must have had a pretty good memory, to be able to remember me even now.
  • “I had a little car accident a while ago. I just recovered, so I thought I’d come and report in to Vice President Sang,” I pointed at the door to Sang Qi’s office, “but maybe I shouldn’t have went in just then?”
  • “Oh, that should be no trouble at all. Ms. Ho had always been an easy going character. For as long as I’ve been here, I’ve never seen her actually get angry at anyone before. She really have the patience of a saint. All of us working under the Vice President are all looking forward to the day when she would finally become Mrs. Sang, she’d be able to mellow the Vice President out a bit to give us an easier time at work.”
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