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Chapter 34 The Woman In His Office

  • Well, Sang Qi did say I can use it whatever I want, in which case it’d be such a waste to not use it.
  • I’m definitely not whatever ethical and moral and proud image of a perfect woman that he imagines me to be.
  • In front of his house, a driver waited there for me. I made a straight beeline to Shengtang, the exact shopping complex as before, and to the exact shop as before.
  • The looks on the shop clerks’ face when they saw me again were priceless, all agitated and unsure if I really had came to buy things or was just here to mess with them.
  • And since I have nothing else to return to them, all of them just stood there on the spot, uncertain of whether or not they should approach me.
  • Inside the store, I pointed at a few pieces of clothing offhandedly, and said to them, “This, this, and this. Apart from those, give me one of everything else to try on!”
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