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Chapter 28 How Low Can You Sink?

  • When I woke up, Sang Qi was out of the bed already.
  • Not seeing any sign of him in the room, I got out of the bed lazily, and began my morning routine in the restroom. And when I went to pull the curtain open, I saw Sang Qi. He’s actually on a morning run around in the neighborhood.
  • He lived in a rich neighborhood, and each of the households are spaced quite far apart from each other. Out of the entire neighborhood, there were only probably between ten to twenty households.
  • He wore bright fluorescent orange, from a distance he actually looked like a giant walking orange.
  • I propped my elbows onto the window pane to look at him. Inside, my thoughts are all tied up into a mess.
  • What he said last night, I was actually seriously considering his offer.
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