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Chapter 238 Fired From The Job

  • “What?” Gu Yuu looked at me, obviously having not a single clue of what I was talking about, “Don’t compromise what scene now?”
  • “This is no accident.”
  • Gu Yuu’s eyes gradually widened, “You don’t mean...”
  • I pulled away around a corner so as to not be seen accidentally, “Don’t you think it’s strange? You just got the electrician in today to look at the powerboard only today, you still remember how they said that there was no problem with it right? And yet, there is a powercut again. And that fall you took just then, how you slipped on the marbles, with Sheng Yanyan’s foot being the way they are, how could any proper housekeeper be as clumsy as to leave marbles around on the floor? And just then, I ran to you as soon as I heard you, but not before making sure that I put a thick towel under Mrs. Sang so that she wouldn’t slip under the water, unless someone ‘helped’ her on purpose.”
  • I was barely finished with my deduction, when Gu Yuu gasped, “Sheng Yanyan!”
  • I actually didn’t suspect that it might be her, so Gu Yuu’s sudden burst and the certainty in her voice surprised me.
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