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Chapter 237 Power Cut, Again

  • It was actually quite frightening, the way how Sheng Yanyan seemed to pop out of nowhere. And, from. the looks of it, she really didn't want to let Sang Qi to see the old man.
  • Whatever her motives might be, Sheng Yanyan's actions really did seem rather odd, at times.
  • Well, in any case, I've done my job, and the old man also got his wish.
  • Checking the time again, I called back to the Sang Household to see if Sang Shixi had come home. They told me that he hadn't yet, but regardless, I need to get the old man back there soon. If Sang Shixi even caught the tiniest winds of this, the little trust that I had so painfully built up would just as soon crumble into dust.
  • After about half an hour, I thought it should be about time, so I knocked on the door and went inside and showed Sang Qi what I had typed on my phone, that Gu Yuu and I would like to give Mrs. Sang a bath.
  • The old man still clinged onto Sang Qi's hand, all too reluctant to leave, so I had to flip out my phone again and show them the weather forecast. There would be a hailstorm coming tonight, and it would be unsafe if the old man stays out here for too long.
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