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Chapter 234 Sheng Yanyan

  • And that was how I began my new life of staying at the Sang Household by day, and going to Mrs. Sang by night.
  • It was also quite a coincidence, or perhaps fate, that the first night that I went back to Mrs. Sang was also the night that Sang Qi and Sheng Yanyan came back.
  • They just returned from Paris. Ever since they came back to Jincheng, this was the first time that I was able to see Sheng Yanyan at such close distance.
  • She looked completely different than how she did two years ago. Not in her appearance, but in the way she held and presented herself. The timid and spiteful little woman was no more, and she casually and trustingly gave her weight into Sang Qi’s arms as if it was the most natural thing to do.
  • Seeing that they came, I gave them a little nod as an acknowledgement to their presence. When she saw me, she didn’t spare as much as a brief look on my face, and there was no change in her expressions.
  • Naturally, since even my best friend Gu Yuu couldn’t see through my disguise, it was only a matter of course that Sheng Yanyan could see nothing out of the ordinary either.
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