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Chapter 231 Dead Drunk

  • After Gu Yuu was done performing her part of the act, I hung up rudely and tossed the phone away and let it drop to the floor without a care.
  • Not that it’d break the phone even a tiny little bit, since his room was carpeted with carpets so thick that I’d never think of buying if I had to do the house cleaning myself. “Booze.” I said to Sang Shixi, and he didn’t stop me, but instead went to the wine cellar himself and personally got a bottle out for me.
  • To be honest, I didn’t know much about drinking. I never knew the difference between good alcohol and bad ones.
  • Whatever alcohol it was, be it vodka or whisky, they all tasted the same to me. Out of all of them, I could only tell between red wine and white wine, because they had different colors.
  • When Sang Shixi came back, there was a bottle of red wine in his hand. Then he began telling me when this wine was bottled and how rare this bottle of wine was and whatnot.
  • I honestly don’t give even a single rat’s tail about it, since the only future it’d face in the not too far away future was down my throat into my stomach and then out the other end.
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