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Chapter 230 What Was Best For Me

  • After stuffing me into his room, Sang Shixi said, “Today, you don’t need to go to work. Sleep. In the evening, you will be attending a function with me.”
  • With that, he turned and left, not caring to hear my answer.
  • I chased after him but as soon as I pulled the door open, there stood two bodyguards. This familiar setting, this familiar treatment, had I been put under imprisonment once more?
  • In these two years, Sang Shixi never really restricted my freedom, much less direct imprisonment. Though perhaps with Sang Qi’s sudden appearance back into his life, he must have thought that I had been seeing Sang Qi and sleeping with him for all these nights that I went missing from my house.
  • Truthfully, if I could, I would, but I couldn’t.
  • Although out of all this, the one thing I was thankful for was that Sang Shixi didn’t take my phone away from me. Perhaps because he thought that there was no one in the world that could help me, or would.
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