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Chapter 23 I Never Thought of Marrying You

  • In the end, I returned the room back to him, and slept in one of the guest rooms.
  • The guest room was right beside his room. It was just as big, and just as comfortable.
  • The name of the housekeeper in charge of the kitchen is Ms. Huan, and her prowess in the kitchen is simply indisputable. That night, I managed to gulp down three full bowls of rice. Watching me from the side, Sha had an expression on her that clearly said that she wanted to laugh but also dared not to laugh.
  • On one hand, Sang Qi kept on putting things on my plate, but at the same time he also kept teasing me, “More still? Aren’t you afraid that your stomach will burst open from all the things that you’re eating?”
  • I haven’t eaten for days, thanks to the fever so effectively killing off my appetite. For the last few days, I’ve been eating nothing but soup, and soup, and soup.
  • Once again, I passed an emptied bowl to Ms. Huan, “One more, to the brim, and more.”
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