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Chapter 229 The Sang Household, Again

  • As soon as I got upstairs back into my room, I saw a black figure entering my room through my half opened window. With the sun only just rising and the dark sky glowing only dim red, it looked acutely similar to a cheap vampire movie that I watched when I was little.
  • They’d come at night, scouring through the neighborhood, looking for girls who forgot to lock their windows.
  • When I got a good look at his face, I realized that he was Sang Shixi’s bodyguard just then. I spent all those efforts changing the pin and locking the door, and he just waltzed in through the window as if it was nothing.
  • Then, one by one, even more black figures emerged from my window, as I stared incredulously with wide eyes.
  • As soon as they came in, they wasted no time and immediately started packing. Less than five minutes later, one of the bodyguards took a coat off my coat rack and offered it to me, “Please, Ms. Xia. The weather forecast said that it’d be a little cold outside today.”
  • “What are you doing?” I had only just finished my words when the other bodyguards put two fully packed suitcases at my feet.
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