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Chapter 226 Does He Love Her?

  • “Gu Yuu…” Hearing her voice softening, I called out to her again.
  • I stepped around to the front of her, and bent and squatted down. Placing both hands on her knees, I looked up into her face, “Gu Yuu, I know that everything you’ve done, you’ve endured, you did it all for my sake. To have someone like you as my friend was the best thing that happened to me in my life…”
  • “Buzz off. Like I’d believe something as creepy as that!” She gave me a kick, toppling me off my balance, and I fell backward and landed on my butt. Though, simply knowing that she wasn’t really mad at me made me so happy and relieved that I smiled and laughed like an idiot.
  • She glared at me, then slowly, her glare dissolved into smiles and laughter too. She extended a hand and pulled me back onto my feet, “You realize that you brought all of this onto yourself right? Do you even know how much you hurt us? Even for me, even when I knew that you didn’t have any other choice back then, what you did still made me so angry that I swear I could bite your head off right there.”
  • “But... but I did run into Aunty with the car. And because of that, Sheng Yanyan lost a leg. Though I didn’t like her, or even disliked her a little bit, that didn’t mean that I could just harm her like that...”
  • Gu Yuu sighed, long and hard, “The investigation report of that incident clearly stated that the brake on that car you drove was faulty. Sang Qi and I, we both know what kind of person you are. How could it possibly be that you did it on purpose? What kind of stupid fools did you take us for? We know you, Sang Qi and I both. He even bought an extra ticket for you when we were about to leave the country.”
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