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Chapter 223 Hiding Behind The Mask

  • I didn’t know what exactly piqued Sang Qi’s attention. Perhaps it might have been my reluctance to remove my mask, or something else, but whatever it was, it did.
  • He raised an eye at me, “Do the nursing curriculum finally began training nurses to have the ability to eat while still wearing a medical mask now, Ms. Hu?”
  • Anyone could hear the playful sarcasm in his voice. If I hesitate any longer, it’d only affirm his suspicion that something wasn’t right with me.
  • Setting the spoon down, I raised my hand slowly towards the medical mask on my face. All the while, Sang Qi looked at my direction with intent eyes. Not good. If I was to take off my mask here, there was no way that he wouldn’t be able to recognize me.
  • Everything was finished. After this, Sang Qi would chase me out, and I will never be able to come back again.
  • I crossed my heart and made up my mind. My hand darted to the mask on my face and was about to pull it off, when Sang Qi suddenly stood up from his chair, “Well, I should get going. You take your time and enjoy your breakfast.”
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