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Chapter 221 Close Call

  • As I drove to the makeup artist, I cried all along the way. When I got there, she said that I had cried my eyes so swollen that she couldn’t tape it down, so I had no choice but to leave it until the swelling went away and tape it up myself then.
  • I overheard Sang Qi talking to Sheng Yanyan during dinner that he would have breakfast with her tomorrow morning, which would mean that, he wouldn’t be coming tonight.
  • The day nurse would be leaving after exchanging the shift with me, so tonight, I would be the only one here with Mrs. Sang, which suited me just fine.
  • When I came to Mrs. Sang’s room with my eyes all swollen, the day nurse looked a little surprised as she saw my eyes, “What happened? Somehow, your eyes seem bigger than they were...”
  • I told her that I accidentally ate some seafood that I was allergic to, and it made my eyes swollen and maybe that was why my eyes seemed bigger.
  • She didn’t dwell too much on that. After we exchanged the shift, she left.
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