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Chapter 219 The Identity Bestowed To Me

  • I should have known, and I did know, that he doesn’t love me anymore.
  • I should be happy for him. It was a good thing that Sang Qi didn’t love me anymore. Knowing when to let go, and knowing when to walk out of the ditch that had been our relationship and find a better person to fall in love with, what would be in front of him would be a better and brighter life.
  • Though as for me? I was already a lost cause. I was more stubborn than any other person I knew, and I would live by the choices I have made for the rest of my life, however wrong and painful they might be.
  • When it was time to wipe down Mrs. Sang, judging by her condition, I thought it was better to give her a bath instead.
  • I typed with my phone and showed it to him, to ask him to help me get Mrs. Sang into the bathtub, so that I could give Mrs. Sang a bath.
  • Sang Qi replied, “No, not by yourself. Wait until the day nurse gets here, and the two of you can do it together.”
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