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Chapter 218 Do You Still Love Her?

  • Sang Qi was quiet. He was even more drunk than I had ever seen him before, when we were still together.
  • Back then, when he had a little more to drink than usual, all that’d be different with him would be that he’d be a little more... “rougher”, in bed, than usual. There were times when I couldn’t even get off bed the next morning.
  • These two years, sometimes at night, as I lied in bed and reminisced about the times we had together, it still made me squirm and blush like a little girl.
  • And now, with him being in front of me once more, I couldn’t control myself anymore. I said to myself, that I’d only touch and smooth out his frown a little bit, and I could swear that I did only that and only touched him for a split second, suddenly his frown deepened and his hand shot up and grabbed my hand with eagle-like precision.
  • I was so frightened that it was as if I had been drained of my blood, but I couldn’t say anything. Though, he didn’t open his eyes, but only held my hand.
  • I felt the warmth of his palm. I didn’t try to struggle my hand free, and simply let him hold it.
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