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Chapter 217 Hired

  • Though I was tired to the bone, as I lay on my bed, I found that I couldn’t sleep at all.
  • I knew exactly why too. I was simply to excited that I finally got to see Mrs. Sang and Sang Qi again.
  • I twisted and turned on my bed for well over an hour before I finally managed to drift off to sleep. I slept so deep that so still that I may as well have been a dead corpse.
  • And when I finally woke up again, I suddenly felt that there was someone else sitting by my bed. It was Sang Shixi.
  • I jumped, frightened out of my wits, then kneaded my eyes with my fist and blinked a few times, “Why did you suddenly appear on my bed like some ghost in some horror movie?”
  • “I thought you fainted. Didn’t you sleep last night? Why have you slept for the whole day?”
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