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Chapter 216 Up Close

  • I had been anticipating and worrying so much that, though I hardly slept during the day, now that it was night time, I was still wide awake in full alertness.
  • Right now, right this moment, was the first time that my heart truly caught a glimpse of peace since that night two years ago.
  • Here, I sat at Mrs. Sang’s side, looking at her breathing slowly, but steadily and calmly. In my heart, slowly, a small seed of hopefulness took root and began sprouting, where there was once only regret and remorse.
  • Though I wasn’t an expert in nursing and caregiving, I intend to learn how right now, and I intend to do as good of a job as I possibly can.
  • For many things in life, observation and care is key, and nursing should be no different. More than any other times, I was thankful for my quicker than average head, because now I need it more than ever to learn as much as I can in as short amount of time as possible.
  • Opening the instruction and reference book I bought to a page I looked up beforehand, I followed the instructions and massaged Mrs. Sang gently. To my surprise, pleasant surprise, I felt as if Mrs. Sang responded to my touch, though they were so slight that I couldn’t be sure if it had been real or if I had simply imagined it.
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