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Chapter 215 Disguise And Interview

  • After getting the documentations from Swiss Knife, I went to Gu Yuu to apply for the position of the special nurse.
  • I was actually really afraid that Gu Yuu might recognize me. We had been friends ever since we were little. Though I had a disguise on, if I spoke enough around her, I was certain that she’d eventually come to realize who I was.
  • So I thought I’d pretend to be a mute. First, I typed up a self introduction, then I took all my fake documentations and went to Gu Yuu.
  • I knocked on the door, and waited with my typed up self introduction held in front of me. When the door opened, it was a woman. When she saw my face, or rather my disguised face, she jumped in surprise, a little frightened.
  • When she calmed down, she thinned her eyes and looked me over, then shouted, “Ms. Gu, here is another one.”
  • Another? It looks like a number of people have come for this position already.
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