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Chapter 212 Just What Do You See In Me?

  • It was the greatest misfortune in my life. The man I hated more than anything else in the world had somehow fell in love with me.
  • I believe that Sang Shixi was telling the truth when he said that. Over the past few years, I have seen enough to know that he meant what he said.
  • In these two years, it wasn't as if no other men had tried to get close to me, but as soon as any man as much as showed even a little bit of interest in me, the next day I would find that the man had either transferred away, or simply vanished. I knew it was Sang Shixi's doing, since no one else in Jincheng had that kind of power to do something like that.
  • After the dinner function, he took me back to my home. When the car arrived at my place and I was about to get out of the car, he grabbed my wrist and stopped me.
  • I swear, if he said that this isn't over until I give him a goodbye kiss, I will bust his brain into a bloody pulp.
  • Thankfully, he only said to me, "Must you live in this place, Xia Zhi?"
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