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Chapter 208 Sheng Yanyan?

  • “Ms. Xia, a big client came to us in the morning and made an exclusive order on all our newest designs this season. We were just finishing packing everything up to send them over!”
  • “Oh? That is a big client indeed!” I laughed with her, “So, who is it? Who is this big client of yours?”
  • “No idea!” The shop owner said, grinning from ear to ear.
  • “Oh, come now, being too overly humble is a sin too.” This shop owner in particular really knew how to run her business. Every customer that ever came to her, by the end of the day she’d know even the name of their long lost friend from third grade. Not meaning that in a bad way, but that she’d find out as much as she could about their customer to better suit their order to their needs and likings.
  • “With an order of this size, which rich man or woman in Jincheng with this much money isn’t one of your friends or your friend’s friends?”
  • “Oh Ms. Xia, you really do give me too much credit. Besides, with rich people popping up constantly out of nowhere these days, who knows, maybe I’ll see another one tomorrow! Though I did notice something... peculiar, about this lady client today.” She looked around, eyes scanning for prying ears that might be listening, then took a step closer to my ears, “She is a cripple. She is missing a leg! And yet, all those clothes she bought, and she flat out bought out every single pair of heels that we had! Don’t you think it’s strange, wearing heels even though she is one leg short of two? Well, she is indeed a very beautiful woman, I’ll give her that.”
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